Attention! Don’t Sign Any Petition Against Payments on Facebook!

Facebook has become very popular these days and more that 350 millions of users’ all over the world can hardly imagine their lives without checking what’s new on it. However, not only PC users are attracted by this website. Scammers producing messages about new monthly charges for Facebook content and later redirecting their victims into malicious websites have also started joining this community, so be aware!

On Facebook scammers work by inviting people to join several groups created by them. They spread totally made up rumors about upcoming basic fee for the main services and $4.99, ?£3.99 or even ?£14.99 monthly charges for using. Additionally, they create groups that all protest against these future fees and offer Facebook users to join them. Such groups as “WE’RE AGAINST THE $4.99 A MONTH CHARGE FOR FACEBOOK FROM JUNE 30TH 2010”, “WE WILL NOT PAY TO USE FACEBOOK – WE ARE GONE IF THIS HAPPENS” or “I WILL NOT PAY ?£3.99 A MONTH TO USE FACE BOOK FROM JULY 9TH 2010” are known to have been created by scammers, which expect to convince people that they are signing a real petition. These groups have collected nearly 200.000 of members Keep in mind that these groups are not the only ones created to mislead Facebook community and the formulation of such groups’ names can sometimes be different.

Users may inquire, why the scammers create such groups as the latest called “I WILL NOT PAY ?£3.99 A MONTH TO USE FACE BOOK FROM JULY 9TH 2010”. The only truth of making these “petitions” is seeking to produce various types of malware. After joining these groups, users are straight away transported to the fraudulent websites that download malware into their PCs. What is more, some of them are known to have abilities to download automatically even 25 different infections per visit.

The founder and chief of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg declares that all these talks about turning into paysite are completely invented and denies such rumors. He guarantees that Facebook will keep its services free, so it is recommended avoiding such petitions. Don’t join any of these groups if you want to keep your PC safe!


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