Attention! Nonexistent video on Facebook!

Keep your attention to a new fake application on Facebook which according to Sophos has tricked more than 190,000 unaware users! According to the security firm, people on Facebook are usually promised to see “shocking video where teacher nearly kills 13 year old boy”. In fact, link to this video seeks only to lure people into allowing the application and additionally get the access to the users’ profiles.

Now application does not appear to seek anything more but post the spam link to the other users’ wall and trick more Facebook community members in this way. If you have already clicked on this app, do following:

  • remove malicious application from your profile
  • check your privacy settings to see if nothing has been changed
  • delete any posts the app has made on your wall

Keep in mind that the next message could be far more dangerous, so be aware about that!


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