AVG staff sliped once again

There must be someone at AVG Technologies trying to sabotage reputation of products developed by this company. Users of AVG anti-virus were forced to delete regular files as those were malicious three times of late month.

First incident happened a month ago, when AVG detected a dangerous trojan and recommended deleting it while it was actually Zone Alarm security suite. That wasn’t a fraudulent competition; yet, it brought a shadow on AVG Technologies. A week ago the things got much worse when the same antivirus scanner insisted on erasing user32.dll because it was a part of PSW.Banker4.APSA trojan. Those who trusted the anti-virus enough and deleted the file got Windows OS messed up, because user32.dll is vital component of MS Windows. And the past weekend came with another surprise: Adobe Flash was reported as malicious.

False positives are inevitable in such a business, but three incidents in a month is way too much than average computer owner can stand. In case you have AVG installed on your machine and you had problems because of the false positives, you should really contact AVG Technologies. They offer free license extension or free license for one year as compensation for troubles.

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