Avoid wasvideo.com because it may hack your Facebook account!

Have you heard about Scambook? This is a site, which has been created to protect Facebook users and their accounts. Here you can find all the latest information about most of the Facebook scams and also announce one if you notice anything suspicious on this social network.

The latest trickery, which was reported on the Scambook some days ago, includes the phishing site wasvideo.com. You must stay away from this website because it has been noticed for stealing Facebook login data and other sensitive information.

Of course, scammers apply misleading methods for making people visit this site against their will – they actively use Facebook message board and spread misleading texts including a link that additionally redirects people to this dangerous site.

The bogus message says:

Are you in thiss videeo on FB Natalie:P Skip to 1:43 omggg lol. Tyype in wiithout spacces and search your name ——-> www .wasvideo. com

If you click on a link, you will be redirected to another site called fizikubook.com. This domain is designed just like a front Facebook’s page, so there is great danger that many unaware PC users will be tricked to enter their account login information onto this page. Please, always pay attention to the address of the website before entering your loggin details. If you think that you may have become a victim, you have to change your Facebook password without any delay. Besides, warn your friends about it.

Source: scambook.com

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