Bank account numbers make big money online

According to a survey by Symantec, in the trade for personal details collected by cyber-criminals, the most expensive are bank account numbers (up to $400) and are a lot more expensive than credit card details (anywhere from $0.5 and $5) as well as e-mail addresses ($2 to $4 per megabyte).

This highlights the commercialization of e-crime as gangs produce and release heinous software for other criminals’ use. There has been a significant increase in malicious code sold on the internet backed by rich groups of criminals on an international scale.

More and more attacks are made on systems that collect personal information, such as myspace, in order to improve the efficiency of the distribution of malicious software via mail, as with such information criminals are able to construct personalized e-mails, making the chances to fall victim to one a lot bigger.

There has been, however a 30% decrease in pump-and-drop spam mail, where e-mails touting penny stocks are sent out, rising the stock price before the suspects sell the stock early. The decline can be attributed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The number of spam with images has dropped from 50% to 27%, due to improving spam filters.

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