Avoid ‘Battery Upgrade’/’Battery Doctor’ apps

More and more frequently malware targets the Android Operating System. In fact, that’s natural because it is the largest mobile platform in the world. While the number of people who have been infected seems to be small (about 5 percent of worldwide Android users), victims’ number is expected to grow in the future because new scarewares targeting mobile devices is released every day. One of such scams is the “Battery Upgrade’ or “Battery Doctor’ app.

According to the latest report of security experts, Battery Upgrade seems like operating system update which is actively offered by triggering “push’ button just after visiting it hosting web page. Claiming that battery is draining, the scam enters its targeted smartphones quite easily and additionally fools them by showing some information about the battery and running apps. However, in the meanwhile this app secretly connects to its parent ad server, lp.mobsqueeze.com, and then provides information about the phone and its owner.

It must be said that all this information sent from the targeted smartphone looks quite simple – Battery Doctor has been found to be reporting about the screen size, version of the browser and OS, the device’s manufacturer and model, phone’s coarse (mobile network) or fine (GPS) location and other information. However, though this app doesn’t have seriously malicious elements, it has undesirable ones that additionally may be used for distributing malware.

The only functional way to save your smartphone from infections is installing mobile security protection. In addition, pay attention to suspicious messages that pop up on your phone claiming you need to update the device’s software and always be suspicious on those app stores that offer paid apps for free.

Source: blogs.quickheal.com

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