Be aware about critical Internet Explorer security hole

Be aware about the latest and unknown (‘zero day’) Java vulnerability that was found last weekend. It was announced to have ability to impact most of Windows versions and hasn’t been stopped yet. While the group of scammers who are responsible for this new exploit for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser hasn’t been detected, they are highly expected to continue using this exploit for loading infected programs on computers. According to its discoverer, a Luxemborg-based IT security advisor Romang, they mostly seek to spread Poison Ivy Trojan. However, it seems that Microsoft is actively working on its fix and has already published Microsoft Security Advisory to minimize the risk of getting infected.

The latest Java vulnerability was discovered when analyzing files from one of the servers used by the Nitro gang. This group of cyber criminals is already known for its attacks by using infected emails and their attachments and it seems that is not going to stop at this point. There are some evidences that this gang is planning to move on because domains that have been used in their attacks are located at new IP addresses.

No wonder why German Government has warned their people to stop using IE when browsing until a patch is available – experts at SophosLabs have raised their threat level to “High” because this security vulnerability in Internet Explorer hasn’t still been? unpatched. You can also switch to alternative browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. However, that doesn’t mean that these browsers are 100 percent virus-free.

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced? about a ‘Fix it’ tool, which is an? easy-to-use and one-click solution. ? You can download it? here.


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