Be aware about malware spread via hotel Wi-Fi connections

FBI warns about the new type of malware attack that is targeting travelers abroad through the hotel internet WiFi networks. It has been reported to be masquerading as an official software update which is presented for the victim when he/she tries to connect to the internet connection in the hotel room. According to recent analysis from the FBI, this virus is particularly dangerous for business travelers because it may be used to steal corporate or other sensitive information.

In order to spread their malware, attackers have been using pop-up windows notifying to update widely-known software product that is necessary to view a particular web page. Though it is not a completely new method to infect computer users, criminals could have been successful in spreading it. However, FBI gives no further information about the capabilities of this malware and hotel names that have been discovered to be included into this attack.

In order to avoid this attack, you should take extra caution before updating software products abroad because there is a huge chance to be included into this hotel wireless login scenario. You should simply make sure you update your programs before traveling and make sure you use Internet Security software products to prevent malware infiltration.


  1. Jenita says:
    May 24th, 2012 at 1:40 am

    Oh!! My god, It’s really needed information, Thanks for sharing.

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