Be aware with Android apps: one third of them is infected!

According to the latest report released by security firm British Telecom (BT), devices with Android OS become more and more included into malware distribution – after a NetEvents Americas conference it has been revealed that about one third of apps are infected. Of course, that’s because of ultimate smartphone popularity which counts more than 400 million users worldwide.

BT claims that all these numbers are rising because of the simple reason – Android users have actively started to use other sources, not Google’s Play store, to download the apps. Of course that’s because of the money. These third-party sources don’t pay enough attention to malware control and have a bigger rate of malware infections. However, while Google’s Play Store is a much more controlled place, it can’t be said that this virtual app source has no risk of malware as well.

Making up 63% of the total mobile operating system malware in 2011, Android malware is actively spread by fake markets. According to BT, these Fake Android app market places are capable to attack millions of Android devices. However, research don’t give an exact examples of Android apps that were found to have malware.

Thanks to BT and other security firms, Android users are likely to have a better picture of the malware App industry. While mobile malware is actively spreading around, it has to be fully explored and prevented.


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