Be Sure to Avoid Au Pair/Nanny Scams

If you are looking for a job, don’t fall into those emails that spread around offering unreal nanny/au pair job offers that can be turned down only by the crazy ones. Promising ?£2700 per month plus ?£700 per week for expenses and many other things for carting two kids to school, these letters are clearly used by scammers to swindle the money. Who knows how many letters have been spread?

Such scam letters include such and similar good-looking points:

Your job is not a hard one,I do not believe in supervising or monitoring people to do their job.I believe people should be giving a free role in whatever they do.So,I believe you should be able to perform well without being told.All entails preparing Our kids for schooling in the morning,taking them to the point where the school bus picks them up to school.You will have a free period then whereby you can do any vocation or practice whatever is at your disposal.Then you help monitor them after they are brought home by the school bus,just to make sure they are alright till my wife’s arrival from work.

You will be entitled to a pay of 2700pounds every month while you will also be given an entitlement of 700pounds every week for petty expenses which you might need for yourself.This salary is subject to negotiations for an upward review upon your arrival.

A well furnished Master bed room will be made available for your personal use soon as you get here.there will be your personal laptop connected to the internet, TV and other necessary gadgets at your disposal.There will be enough privacy for you,i guess you’ll really like it.

Keep in mind that responding to this email may lead you to your personal information loss by filling in various forms that are prepared by scammers. In addition, scammers tend to ask their victims to make an advance payment for the rent of an apartment, for example. However, after sending the money, most of them realizes that they simply gave their money for scammers because they run away and no longer writes for the victim. In addition, scammers find a hole in your finances.

Please, don’t fall into such tricky campaigns promising numerous things for almost nothing. In reality, most of them are seeking to steal the money from PC users.

  1. Casandra says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 6:34 am

    The awareness about scam messages are interesting and good

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