Better security is another factor why people should think about upgrading to Windows 8

Microsoft has been actively urging its customers to update their older Microsoft operating systems to Windows 8. Even if you are one of these people who don’t like its multi monitor support or new search function, it seems that they have found another factor that could encourage you to do that – security.

According to Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Windows XP machines are six times more likely to become infected than machines that run Windows 8. It seems that the main thing, which determines this result, is an old fashioned Windows XP’s data execution prevention (DEP) feature. Hackers figured out how to get around it, so it has naturally become too weak to fight against modern threats.

However, it seems that not only Windows XP, which still makes 21 percent of the OS market, has problems with security – those computers that run Windows 7 are also under an increased risk of malware. According to Microsoft, this OS faces almost four times more threats than Windows 8.

The company stops supporting Windows XP next spring, so you have some time to have a look at the newer version of Windows until it stops developing security patches for the venerable OS. If you feel like you can’t stand Windows 8, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any other options. You can switch to Linux or, if you are considering to purchase new hardware, you should also think about Mac OS X.

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