Beware of fake codecs

A lot of people, which systems recently got infected with SpywareQuake, SpyFalcon, SpywareStrike or SpyAxe wonder, how this could happen. They didn’t download any malicious software, didn’t visit adult web sites, etc. But how parasites get into your computer?

The answer is simple. Have you ever downloaded any codecs for Windows Media Player? If so, then there is a huge possibility that those codecs have infected your computer with the infamous parasites.

Beware of fake, malicious codecs! Emcodec (eMedia Codec), Vcodec and a number of others become more and more popular. Inexperienced users download and install them in order to enhance Windows Media Player. However, neither Emcodec nor Vcodec do what intended. These rogues actually infect your system with parasites like SpywareQuake.

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