Beware of fake security and update web sites

Malicious persons responsible for the spread of corrupt anti-spyware tools and rogue security-related programs as well as dangerous parasites that install them seem to have found a new way to push their useless malicious software to victim computers. Now they run fake security and update web sites that imitate the look of popular fully legitimate resources such as Microsoft Update. Some harmful sites try to look like the web browser’s standard error pages. The only difference between them and the originals are tiny, but conspicuous advertisements and links leading to insecure Internet resources. Some links and ads may also silently install certain parasites without asking for user permission.

Fake security and update web sites are used to distribute mostly corrupt anti-spyware programs including the infamous SpyAxe, WinHound, WinFixer, The Spy Guard, RazeSpyware, PSGuard and plenty of other rogue products. Users often get redirected to these websites if their computers are infected with some widely spread trojans and adware parasites, as these pests display bogus warning messages alerting users that their PCs are infected and offering corrupt anti-spyware to eliminate the parasites. Needless to say that purchased rogue products not only don’t get rid of present threats, but install loads more.

Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt Software, maker of CounterSpy, which is one of the most powerful and popular spyware removers, did a good job providing information about currently available fake security and update web sites. The following addresses should NOT be visited, as bogus information published on these pages is used to trick visitors into purchasing useless dangerous products:

amaena[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
dns404[dot]net (IP –; looks like a standard error page)
downldboost[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
hdnsservidce[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
needupdate[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
notfound404[dot]com (IP –; looks like a standard error page)
securityerrors[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
securitywarnings[dot]net (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
syserrors[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
systemwarning[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
updateyoursystem[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
warningmessage[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)
yoursystemupdate[dot]com (IP –; mimics a security-related web site)

If your web browser redirects you to one of the above resources, your system might be infected with certain parasites. In such case obtain a legitimate spyware remover to get rid of present security and privacy threats and keep rogue products like SpyAxe off your system.

  • Autumn

    i want this off my computer or i will sue and make sure this goes to court

  • sarah_briarmoss

    You want to get rid of spyware? Simple. Use Ad-Aware, and Spybot Search & Destroy. Both are legitimate programs that will fix what Norton can’t.

  • nancy

    I came home the other day to find the computer saying that i had a virus, and everytime i click on it, it tries to take me to, now i can get the computer to dial up but i cant pull up any pages

  • Milly

    I have no idea what I am doing. I am pretty computer illiterate, but i do know that Winfixer is worrying me a lot every time \i swith on my PC. Can anyone tell me in an idiot proof way, how to get rid of it? Does it mean my computer is infected right now? Could I just ignore it? Do I have to pay for software to remove it, or is my Norton Anti virus good enough?

  • Paul

    I really think these people should be first in line going to hell. I can’t imagine f**king people over and then selling them something to fix the crap I did to them. To hell with them all!

  • gary

    Ussually really good programs are not free,

  • Prab

    Hey, im sooo fuckin pissed off ive tried everything, spyware doctor isnt free is it?


  • andy

    Hi tom,

    I had the same prob …feking spyaxe..hijacked my home page and sent me fake warnings/directed me to their site etc….

    I downloaded spyware doctor and it deleted it straight away! as well as finding 136 other problems of which;mcafee / adware-se and spybot could not even see/find!!!
    awesome program!!!!!

  • william

    i fially got rid of it i hope.i used a few suggestions in the spyaxe removal instructions and mostly user comments. first get offline, uninstall spyaxe,deleatall temp internetfiles,cookies.go toprgram files\deleatspyaxe,windows \system,deleatfolder1024orsystem32\folder1024. useing the safe modego to exactfile location:c:\windows\system,or system32,or winntsystem32, deleat mscornet.exe,mssearchnet.exe,nvctrl.exe,ioctrl.dll,svchosts.dll,hp[x].tmp it seams to have worked. i still need to do the manage add ons. good luck, i know your fustration.

  • Tom

    oh and also ran Spysweeper too….they all say/think they get rid of SPYAXE..but they don’t..and I am not atechy so I don’t want to play with registry or files…just want something to get thisSpyaxe crap off my pc without having to wipe out everything and star again

  • Tom

    NOTHING WORKS ON GETTING RID OF SPYAXE..have run Norton,AOL and even new Microsoft Malacious Spyware Removal BETA