BlackBerry postpones the release of its Messenger for iPhone and Android after a rogue version comes to light

If you are one of BlackBerry fans, you had been been definitely waiting for a middle of September when a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iPhone and Android was announced to show up. However, the company claims that it had to postpone the release of their app after a rogue version of BMM was mistakenly presented onto Google Play store. No matter that 8 hours later Google deleted this app, it still has had more than a million downloads.

According to Blackberry, older, unreleased version of BBM for Android was firstly posted on file-sharing sites. After that, it got onto Google Play and started spreading at abnormal speed. Once installed on the system, the malicious version of BBM “resulted in volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user and impacted the system in abnormal ways”.

BlackBerry team is now trying to find a way to block fake BBM apps when the official version goes into the wild. However, it seems that they can hardly do anything because there are many applications that appear on the Google Play Store or other file sharing sites each day. If you search for “BBM”, you will also see that there are tens of apps on Google Play and some of them even have five-star ratings. Scammers collect these ratings by making users to give them this rating before installing the app on their mobiles.

Remember, if you are waiting for BBM, you will have to wait for some time more because it’s not released yet. If you were tricked into installing a fake version of this messenger, uninstall the app and scan your device with a decent anti-virus.


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