Bought Virus Shield app from the Play Store? You’ve been scammed!

virus-shieldIt seems that nowadays you must be focused on your security no matter what you do. The latest detection of Android Police reveals that even such places as Play Store can offer you to install a scamware. According to these researchers, the misleading program that was offered in this store was a fake antivirus Virus Shield. Even more, it was priced at $3.99, what means that people had to pay for a something that doesn’t work at all! As Android Police notifies, 10,000 of users have already installed this fake anti-virus. If you are one of them, you should definitely get rid of Virus Shield without wasting your time.

Developed by a well-known scammer group Deviant Solution, Virus Shield was put on Android Marketplace as a program that can “protect you and your personal information from harmful viruses, malware, and spyware.” In addition, it also promised to improve phone’s speed, increase the life of the battery and also block annoying advertisements. Sounds nice, right? However, it seems that you can’t trust anything without testing it yourself. According to security researchers, all what Virus Shield does is pretending to be anti-virus.

The saddest thing is that Virus Shield collected a 4.7 start rating within one week. This clearly shows that people still rate apps before they install the app on their phones or other mobile devices.

At the moment of writing, Google Play removed Virus Shield from their store. However, noone can guarantee that scammers won’t try to repeat this money-stealing technique. In order to avoid that, you should always try to pay attention to the publisher of the program before downloading it on your system! You should also think about a reputable mobile security application that could help you to prevent installation of such scamwares as Virus Shield.


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