British Government will track all e-mail’s

Great Britain had called the ?€žSurveillance Society”. Main subject was requirement of security. As we all well know there is a proliferation of surveillance cameras, records of all telephone calls are keeping in data bases. Now turn of e-mails tracking:
“?€¦From March, all internet service providers (ISPs) will have to keep data about e-mails sent and received in the UK for a year. The content of individual e-mails will not be kept by the authorities, but the timing and number of each communication will be stored.”
Good side of this solution is that the government will be able to know how much spam receives each citizen of Great Britain. The government will be able to track every contact made by e-mail with businesses, friends and relatives. So in the age of computers priority of security pursuit is higher than privacy.

  1. redfox says:
    September 9th, 2009 at 3:36 am

    Well what rubbish!! Just to check out spam!! This is an invasion of our privacy and theres something more behind this then what their excuse is. Certainly will not be sending any of my emails thru to any UK addresses frm now on.

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