Browsezilla. Beware of the dinosaur!

On April, 2006, we wrote about YapBrowser, a malicious and pretty useless web browser that serves unsolicited, aggressive advertisements, redirects the user to undesirable web sites, modifies essential system settings, etc. This parasitical web browser, not a trojan or corrupt anti-spyware, was quite an unusual threat back then. However, it seems that we may see more similar products, more web browsers that offer “safer Internet”.

Browsezilla, a recently appeared application, is just the case. This fully functional program pretends to be a fast, simple to use and safe web browser that protects user privacy. Browsezilla doesn’t use history, doesn’t save cache and doesn’t log web sites visited. It keeps user bookmarks on the remote server, so that anybody except the user can access them. According to the makers, such program features make Browsezilla one of the best tools for privacy protection online.

But Panda Software, a reputable antivirus and security software company, does not agree with the Browsezilla team. According to the experts, Browsezilla secretly installs adware that periodically accesses adult web sites in order to increase the number of clicks and hits. The user cannot notice this activity, as the program hides some of its opened windows, and doesn’t ask for user permission.

Browsezilla’s adware allows the owners of adult sites to receive more traffic, and therefore more income. The makers of this “safe” web browser might be affiliated with the authors of porn sites.

The Browsezilla team calls Panda Software charges “unsubstantiated”. Well, we cannot say for sure, whether Browsezilla is malicious, or not, but let’s face the facts. The application in appearance is similar to Mozilla, one of the most popular legitimate web browsers. Both programs use a dinosaur as a logo. As Panda Software says, “no doubt to encourage users to trust the application”. Furthermore, the official web site of Browsezilla contains the “Adult links” section, which provides a very large number of hard-core pornographic images and related links, – something you don’t see on Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox sites everyday.

Can you still trust Browsezilla? We guess not, so beware of the dinosaur!

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