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Microsoft and Washingto AG sue corrupt anti-spyware vendor

On Wednesday, January 25, Microsoft and Western Washington US District Court have filled lawsuits against Secure Computer, a New York-based company, which sells Spyware Cleaner, a well-known corrupt anti-spyware program.More
Anti-spyware software News   January 27, 2006  

RazeSpyware installs a keylogger (1)

RazeSpyware, one of the most infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs, has come back.More

New SpySheriff clone (1)

You should have heard about SpySheriff, the infamous corrupt anti-spyware program.More

Spyware Doctor 3.5

A new version of one of the most powerful and popular anti-spyware programs has just been released.More
Anti-spyware software News   January 18, 2006  

SpywareStrike, a SpyAxe clone, may cause a new epidemic (53)

It is a bad news to all the Internet users. SpyAxe, one of the most infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs ever, just got a brand new clone - SpywareStrike.More

SpyAxe, WinHound and now UnSpyPC. Which is next? (1)

Vendors of corrupt anti-spyware software and their numerous affiliates took a fancy to the illegal distribution of their useless and sometimes even dangerous products.More

WinHound corrupt anti-spyware is a dangerous parasite itself

Illegally distributed rogue spyware removers are becoming more and more like actual spyware parasites that they should, but usually do not fight against.More

Microsoft extends the expiration date of Windows Defender

A few days ago, Microsoft released an updated version of its powerful anti-spyware program Windows Defender .More
Anti-spyware software News   November 26, 2005  

Windows OneCare is going beta

Windows OneCare, Microsoft's new integrated anti-spyware and antivirus security suite will be going beta.More
Anti-spyware software News   November 24, 2005  

SpyAxe – another illegally distributed spyware remover (11)

During last few months a lot of corrupt anti-spyware vendors and their numerous affiliates began to use an illegal technique to promote and distribute rogue products.More

Windows Defender will replace popular Microsoft AntiSpyware (1)

Two Microsoft developers Jason Garms and Steve Dodson last Friday have announced on their blogs that popular Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta, also known as Windows AntiSpyware, will be no more.More
Anti-spyware software News   November 09, 2005