Stealing programs

Stay safe online - 2018-03-25 is a commercial website, which is closely related to browser hijacker.More
Stealing programs Viruses   June 08, 2013 is a potentially harmful search engine, which is closely dependent on browser hijacker.More
Stealing programs Viruses   May 24, 2013  

Web Browser Search

Web Browser Search is the adware, which can be installed in a bundle with other programs.More
Stealing programs Viruses   May 15, 2013  

Eliminate redirect (2) redirect is common problem, which annoys many Internet users at the moment.More
Stealing programs Viruses   May 09, 2013 redirect redirect is annoying problem caused by a sneaky infection, which is powerful enough to redirect users to unknown websites when they are browsing on the Internet.More
Stealing programs Viruses   May 05, 2013 (1) is a website, which is malicious and untrustworthy.More
Stealing programs Viruses   May 02, 2013  


Clickorati is a browser hijacker, which uses sneaky infiltration methods and then starts applying unfair techniques for promoting
Stealing programs Viruses   May 01, 2013  


Frameseek is a browser hijacker virus, which redirects people to
Stealing programs Viruses   April 30, 2013  

BrowserSeek virus

BrowserSeek virus is a browser hijacker, which makes people visit or instead of other domains.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 29, 2013 is a search engine, which is also frequently called as browser hijacker.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 28, 2013  

Get rid of (1) is a seemingly legitimate search site, which, similarly to Claro Search, closely relies on a browser hijacker virus.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 23, 2013  

ISoft Online

ISoft Online is search engine, which may start occupying your Internet browsers without any permission asked.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 18, 2013  

PlayBryte virus

PlayBryte virus is annoying browser hijacker, which helps for cyber criminals to increase the traffic to one of their domains and earn a modest gain in this way.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 16, 2013  

Searchou (2)

Searchou is a browser hijacker, which starts its activity when you are on the Internet.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 12, 2013 is a search website, which has been accused for annoying redirections to unwanted sites.More
Stealing programs Viruses   April 06, 2013