Carl A Someone signature loved by spammers

If you ever noticed the signature on spam emails or advertisements, you would find a signature with name Carl A. Someone in it, while a whole different person name is on top of it. That’s what Michael Johnson found when he looked through the Internet – this exact signature is very common indeed in the phishing community.

However, if you would try to dig more into this strange phenomenon, you would find some interesting facts. First one is that this signature was used in scams since 2006. Here’s a list of names who use this signature:

Dr. (Mrs.) Felicia Daniel Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Hartemink Dr. Austin Benjamin
Dr. Ferguson Andrew Dr. Frank West Dr. George Williams
Dr. John Briggs Dr. Larry Smith Dr. Mack Anthony
Dr. Mark Brown Dr. Mark Winters Dr. Martin Evans
Dr. Matt Brown Dr. Richard Morrison Dr. Robert Mueller
Dr. Smith Brown Dr. Smith Don Dr. Smith Williamson
Dr. Steve Mark Dr. Tom Wilson Jenni Falconer
Michelle Falkosky Mr. Christ Rawlins Mr. Daniel Rougerie
Mr. Evans Henshaw Mr. Graham Smith Mr. James Norris
Mr. Muhtar Kent Mr. Roberth Mueller Mr. Teddy Kennedy
Mrs. Brunelli Naleen Mrs. Elizabeth Walters Mrs. Lisa Parker
Mrs. Lourdes Vidaurre Mrs. Nicola Mckeon Mrs. Patricia.S.Brown
Mrs. Rita Brown Mrs. Rosemary Clair Prof. Alex Kingston
Prof. Martin Johnson R. Simon Brown Rev. James Moore
Rev. Robert Morgan Sir. Muhtar Kent

Additionally, more than 15 of scams had the name, which included “Coca-Cola Games/Lottery Coordinator”. Moreover, the prizes of these fake winnings are from ?£400,000 to ?£1,000,000 and includes different companies around the UK. Here’s a list of companies which names were illegally used with fake lotteries:

  • BBC
  • British High Commission
  • British Telecom
  • Coca-Cola
  • ESPN
  • Fifa World Cup
  • Golf international
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Toyota
  • UK Lottery
  • Yahoo

These scams tell you that you have won a huge prize and asks you to submit your personal details to claim this prize. There are even some who wants your personal photo. Fact is that people shouldn’t trust these kind of lotteries, the possibility to win a Coca-Cola lottery or any lottery for that matter is very unlikely. Never trust it, and even if you actually participated in some lottery, always double check if it’s the legitimate lottery email.

All we can tell about this phenomenon, is that probably scammers enjoyed using this image of a signature, or it was the easiest to find. The oldest site we found who was using this image dated to 2003. And yet, we didn’t find any information about what is the original owner of the signature. Someone named Carl A…

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