Claria quits adware business?

Claria Corporation, one of the major adware companies announced on Tuesday that it will exit adware business in next few months. Its adware assets will be sold to other companies. Claria will stop making advertising software and switch to a new product called PersonalWeb.

Of course, it is nice to hear that one of the most infamous adware pushers (a few years earlier Claria was known under the name Gator) wants to change its image. However, not everything is clear yet. PersonalWeb, the new Claria’s product seems to be somehow related to advertising. Some experts say that it can be a part of a targeted advertising network. Well, such networks are not illegal, but a lot of users just don’t trust them anymore.

One more interesting fact. Last year, there were rumors that Microsoft is going to buy Claria. But the software giant didn’t talk much, and now Claria wants to quit adware business. Is this a coincidence? Let’s wait and see.

Your opinion regarding Claria quits adware business?

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