Clickjacking scams are still used on Facebook

New Year has come and hackers have started spreading new scams on Facebook. This time it’s another clickjacking scam that has been noticed circulating on this social network. Using the curiosity of Facebook users, it tricks them into clicking on links pretending to be liked by their friends. However, those “amazing’ and “surprising’ videos titled “Air Race Plan Crashed in the crowd during a show!” or “A Really Giant Baby!” are used for only redirecting victims to the splash pages pretending to contain interesting videos but filled with web based advertisements only. In reality, clicks help the scammers to earn the money.

This clickjacking scheme, which was reported by Kaspersky Labs, also makes its victims to unnoticeably post the “video’ on their walls and like it as well what helps for the scammers to get more traffic. The secret is in obfuscated JavaScript which makes the entire debugging more difficult. However, security experts have already revealed multiple domains and pages that contain this “video’. Though clickjacking has already become a common thing on Facebook, many users still fall for it. Please, make sure you click only those videos that are published by reputable sources.


  1. Casandra says:
    February 6th, 2012 at 6:21 am

    As facebook is commonly used by all kinds of people ,The hackers are very keen in steal all the information on money,messages,pictures and other personal stuffs from the user’s .

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