Coming next: crimeware-as-a-service

Security experts warn of new scheme of cyber crimes: crime-as-a-service. Modern hacker is not some smart guy who compromises websites and creates sophisticated tools; modern hacker is the one who buys ready-to-use tools and employs them to gain profit or for other reasons. Malware tools have been for sale for some time now, however, they hadn’t been much popular.

The trend of crimeware doesn’t bring anything positive: it’s not the matter of knowledge; it’s the matter of money. Anyone can access botnets and malicious software for a certain price. This tendency is only useful for the creators of such tools: in most countries they can not be prosecuted for their actions as they are not the ones using the tools to compromise someone or steal data. The range of cyber criminals expands this way, because the tools needed for internet attacks becomes more accessible.

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