Corrupt anti-spyware bundles adware

It is quite difficult to sell a corrupt anti-spyware program. No one wants to buy a poor performance product that does not provide an effective protection against most parasites. Of course, you can use illegal distribution techniques and install rogue applications to user computers without their knowledge and consent. Just like vendors of SpyFalcon and SpySheriff along with their numerous affiliates do. But this is very risky. You may get caught, and institutions like FTC may finally bust you. A much better way is to make a useless spyware remover free and integrate adware within it. What a great business strategy!

Well, makers of legitimate anti-spyware products will never agree to use such strategy, but lazy fellows distributing corrupt programs will definitely like it. Just take a look on a new rogue called Spy-Shield. This program uses an ineffective scan engine and weak spyware detection and removal techniques. That’s why most people will not pay for Spy-Shield. The vendor knows about this fact, so he decides to make the program free. But he also wants to make some money, so he integrates adware into the program. Not just a relatively harmless advertising component, but a stand-alone application from The Best Offers Network company, which was related to the infamous Aurora parasite (remember the nail.exe file?). Spy-Shield cannot be installed and used without it. And of course, the corrupt anti-spyware does not detect the threat it bundles. So, how can we call this? A spyware remover designed to fight against parasites, not only fails removing most of them, but also installs more threats to the compromised computer.

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