Create a Better Password

I think all of us know how important it is to have a strong password to secure your accounts. If you choose your password to be your name or the same as your login name, any prankster can guess it just for fun. By the way, the newest registration forms won’t allow your password to be the same as your login (i.e. johnsmith for johnsmith@….) and they will even warn you about a weak password. However most people are too lazy or too carefree and don’t waste time on building a password based on the ‘golden rules’. Use a mix of letters, both lower and upper case, include numbers and non alphanumeric characters, and don’t use your birthday, your name, address, your company name… Aren’t these too complicated to follow when you simply want to register on a dating website or create a business email account?

Luckily, decided to help people to think of a strong password. They have shared a single scheme on building a password that would be personal (this means not so easy to guess) and complicated and easy to remember. If a password is too difficult to memorize, there’s no use of it, or is it?

Some of us choose the easiest way and use the same great password for all the accounts: bank, work and personal ones. This scheme is unsuitable, because if someone gets your password, he or she will be able to access everything.

However, strong password won’t protect your accounts if your computer will be infected with a keylogger. Use both anti virus and anti spyware to keep your computer secure. But keep you passwords strong just in case.

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