Creating safe passwords

Nowadays, safety of information is one of the most important tasks in information society. Although many users believe in that blindly (nobody wants their private information to be stolen), they rarely care about how protected their personal data is and how easy it is for the hacker to steal it. The main aim of this article is trying to make you understand one simple truth – using safe passwords is important and, to say even more, really necessary.

Do you remember your passwords? Of course you do, because this is the main requirement. Did you make it easy to remember? In fact, the majority of users do not bother themselves by creating complicated passwords and use simple words from the nearest dictionary. You know, this technique is deadly dangerous and makes no difficulties for the good hacker to break into various accounts. Special software, designed for picking passwords, usually use a wide variety of words, so such “sophisticated??½? keys as “table??½? or “swordfish??½? are tremendously easy to pick.

Let’s dwell upon right techniques of creating unique and reliable passwords. It would be a good decision to create your “open sesame??½? word by using uppercase and lowercase letters in combination with numbers. Monsters, like “n54Ji914??½? are completely impossible to guess and really hard to pick.

It is also strongly advisable to change your passwords regularly. Yes, this technique may be quite difficult, especially if you have dozens of various accounts, but it grants you that nobody else will be able to use these services without your permission.

Keep in mind that modern computer cracking programs can pick a five-character password in several minutes, so use at least 8 characters (letters + numbers). This increase the time, required for successful cracking, to several days. This technique is also quite convenient, because many Internet services require long passwords (usually from 6 or 8 characters).

Don’t be so foolish to use “good??½? examples, offered in various resources about safe passwords. Yes, their examples are really good, but the hacker can easily scan those pages and add these passwords his/her cracking program’s dictionary. Remember, that your UNIQUE passwords should be created, not copied.

In conclusion, we would like to repeat once again, that the art of creating passwords is REALLY easy and tremendously important. Don’t leave your Internet accounts attackable and protect them with good and safe passwords. Keep in mind, that this easy procedure might save your precious information someday!

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