Definition: Cracking

Cracking is kind of malicious activity, when some cracker gets into someone’s computer system without his permission and knowledge. Sometimes cracker can break into network. The purpose of cracking is to bypass needed passwords or licenses in computer program/software. More often cracking is used for software cracking. It’s about removing encoded copy protection.

There are also password crackers. It is program, not a human. This program is able to decrypt passwords and disable password protection. This is available to do because nowadays users that aren’t programmers or use PC only because there’s Word, Excel and Internet in it, don’t use safe passwords. They are easy guessable. Companies that create software use weak algorithms. Existence of backdoors and bugs also helps to crack password.

One more interesting fact about cracking is social engineering. It is method of getting passwords and information using human weaknesses. These crackers trick people, not software. They can use phone for getting information, they can pretend being your friend and talk to you on IRC or by Instant messenger. E-mail can be a toll for them too. They sent official e-mail requiring some information. Mostly it can look like e-mail from bank or other official institution. Or it can look like e-mail from administrator of site or system that you’ve been using (or not) with information request. The third method that uses social engineering crackers is password guessing. They find out you personally identifiable information and some personal data/facts and try to guess a password as people often use their real life fact for passwords (it easy to remember then).

Some Internet sites are dedicated only for cracks ( or Some search engines do not provide search of crackers sites, but some of them find very good sites ( It is very convenient for some users to get software that cost and to get a crack so he wouldn’t have to pay for it. Internet is full of serials, keygens and cracking programs. Already cracked software is also available for those who do not know how to use cracks. But still cracking is illegal activity. The use of cracked software is illegal too. Companies that create software loose billions of dollars every year because of the cracks.

If it’s convenient to use crack it doesn’t mean that it is safe. If someone has cracked the program, who will assure you that the same cracker haven’t bundled his crack with some backdoor, worm or spyware? Using cracked programs or programs for cracking you can be arrested because it’s a crime. Also you can bring serious malware to your system. The same cracker that created crack can break into your computer and find out your personally identifiable information and cause carding, identity theft and more serious problems. It is worth to think if you want to pay little fee for some software or you want to have this kind of problems.

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