Definition: Lammer

There are many threats in cyberspace. Some of them are programs, some – humans themselves. Hacker and crackers are live programmers that can attack your computer, break in the system, crack the program or password and steal information or personal data. On one hand you’re lucky if cracker or hacker is professional programmer and knows what he’s doing. In that case your system isn’t damaged because all they do is just optimizing your system. developing the program, gathering information or controlling your PC.
But together with professional programmers there are “dips??½? who consider themselves as professional hackers, programmers, security advisers. They have no knowledge that is necessary to be a cracker, a hacker or any other professional. These people are called lammers. They usually use third party tools to crack or control the systems or program.
Lammers are dangerous not because they try to break into your system, but because they don’t know how to brake into it in safely. Lammers can make damage beyond retrieve. Of course they will make security holes; witch will make free way for spyware, adware, malware and other parasites. Some of them cannot work silently and invisibly. They slow computer’s work and disturb your work. Hacker and crackers steal information for they own benefit, and information stolen by lammer can spread all over the internet. So they’re dangerous by their ignorance of hacking and cracking.
Most lammers and other malicious programmers can be prevented. Firewall and real-time security feature having anti-virus program can help you with that. Don’t go to sites that are owned by malicious programmers and don’t download freeware or cracked software.
And the main rule: Know who you allow to control your system.

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