Definition: Stealthware

Along with spyware and adware Internet users can catch stealthware. This parasite is at the same risk level as spyware and maybe even more dangerous. They cause unknown icons appearing on desktop and in system tray, pop-ups that appear without running Internet browser, homepage hijacks and much more. Stealthware purpose is to track user online activity and habits as he surfs on a given web site. Some stealthware applications track you as you surf a given site.
Stealthware is illegal and creates threat to user’s privacy. It also has some properties from viruses. Stealthware can download and install itself into computer system without user’s knowledge and permission. It bypasses firewall and anti-virus. All security holes and vulnerabilities are operated by stealthware. It also changes you IE’s security setting from medium or high to low. All obtained information is sent to home server.
Stealthware is located on:
?· Cracker’s sites.
?· Free web-hosting sites.
?· Porno sites.
?· Viagra and other remedy offering sites.
?· Pop-up ads.
?· Bundled with freeware.
Stealthware can be prevented and removed like any other spyware and adware. Good anti-spyware programs removes stealthware. You need to Have firewalls and anti-virus enabled.
The best cure is not to visit any mentioned sites and not to press “OK??½? or “Agree??½? without reading dialog or End of Users License Agreement. Don’t press anything on pop-ups, use keyboard short cut to turn off it. You can also try an IE alternative, such as Mozilla or Opera, they are less targeted by spyware and stealthware.

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