Don’t fall for Metropolitan Police misleading alert

Metropolitan Police alert, also called the Ukash virus, is one of the latest scams that are used for trying to swindle the money from PC users. This scam, also distributed in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and other languages, is even capable to lock the desktop on the compromised machine for making its victim believe that he has really made something illegal, like watching videos with adult content or banned scenes against other people. However, Metropolitan Police international affair should be ignored?  no matter how trustworthy it may look for you. Based on faked information, it also displays your real IP address and asks 100 pounds to unlock your computer:

Metropolitan Police! Attention!!!
Under the laws of the United Kingdom and investigation of Metropolitan Police service and Strathclyde Police Your computer is locked to prevent illegal activity in the network. Your IP-address “XXXX”. From this IP-address it was visited sites containing banned scenes of violence against people, as well as viewing banned in United Kingdom child pornographic materials. We discouverd video files that contain elements of violence were found on your computer. Unsolicited Bulk Messages was send from your computer’s IP address and it was recorder by SpamHaus this month. The computer has been locked to prevent your illegal activities on the Internet.
To unlock the computer you are obliged, within 48 hours of receiving notice, to pay a fine of 100 pounds.

Of course, we highly recommend you to ignore all these messages asking to pay the fine for the actions you have never done. Note that the scammers always ask to make a payment through Ukash processing system for unblocking the system, so please keep in mind this name and remove?  Metropolitan Police virus. The best way to get rid of this trojan causing your desktop lock up is to reboot your machine to Safe Mode with Networking and then download STOPzilla anti-spyware. Run a full system scan additionally.

  1. Stephen rattray says:
    April 7th, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Thank you for your information about this virus. I have just got this on my computer and was going to pay because i thought i had done something wrong, but following reading this i am running my anti virus software and let hope this problem goes away.

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