Don’t fall for text scams promising you free Apple products

Be aware about the misleading text messages that have been spreading around the world and tricking random cellphone owners. They fool people that they are among the lucky winners who are going to get an Apple product as a present. However, that’s a total lie.

According to our research center, ? these SMS messages, that have been actively spreading in the past few days, claim something like that:

Congratulations, your today’s Apple winner!
Go to [LINK] and on last page enter code: 2916 to claim your Free Apple Product.

After falling for such SMS and clicking on the link included in the text message, victim is firstly redirected to a number of suspicious websites and only then reaches the port giving him/her an opportunity to win an iPad, iPhone 4S, or a MacBook. After choosing the prize, you get an easy question to answer. However, that’s the point where you have to be especially careful if you don’t want to fall into the scam and lose the money – the page includes the small text asking to enter the phone number and pay some money for a question leading to the prize:

Service costs ?£3 per question played and a ?£4.50 sign up fee. You will receive an additional ?£1.50 charge for a reminder message tomorrow.

If you don’t read this small story, you can additionally find yourself being connected to a premium rate service which will obviously increase your phone bill. As you can see, you should stop yourself before starting to dream about the prize from Apple. This is not the first time hackers are using such technique and offer Apple products. If you don’t want to find your increased phone bill, never click on links sent out of nowhere.

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