Don’t get into a panic when you see this

Misleading advertising is widespread. Deceptive ads, fake warnings and bogus error messages lurk on numerous sites that sell questionable products. People got used to false alarms triggered by corrupt spyware removers. However, thousands of them still blindly believe in anything a stupid message says.

If users can be easily tricked into purchasing useless and even malicious software by simply seeing fake messages, then what’s about terrifying advertisements stating that the government, police, FBI or _insert here what you fear most_ is watching you and investigating your “illegal” Internet activities in order to put you in jail? Would you believe in all that crap?

Of course you say “no”, but are you sure you won’t get nervous after seeing ads like the following?

These are incredibly misleading ads hosted on the official web site of Evidence Eliminator, some kind of track erasing and data destroying program. I’m not sure whether it’s corrupt or not. I didn’t test it. And I never will. It’s not in my rules to get into a panic right after seeing some scary ads made by people who can be described as mental patients living in parallel world where you can get arrested for doing nothing.

Products advertised this way should not be used at all.

  • Skip

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that inofrmaotin earlier!

  • josh becker

    grrrrrrrrrrr i have tried 30 of those omfg i thought theyd actually help get rid of the problem not fuel it grrrrrrrrrrrr now im pissed

  • mimi

    oh my.. i haven’t encountered such ads.. kinda scary and funny as well

  • Bobby

    is ti legal to advertise in this way? it shouldn’t be legal.

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