DoS (Denial of Service) / DDoS

Popularity of computer attack is growing each day. We can see more and more complaints from the victims of such attacks in the mass media. In this article we are going to discuss what DoS/DDoS attacks are and why they are so extremely popular nowadays.

First of all, let’s find out what is the main purport of such assaults and how dangerous are they. Their main purport is to disable the object. Most of attacks end with huge financial losses of a victim. What is more, these attacks distinguish by their simplicity and immense effectiveness. Any web site cannot be protected for sure from these assaults.

If you want to detect this assault, you must firstly find out what are the main principles of DoS/DDoS attacks. The aim of them is not to get access to some personal or important information. Conversely, they made that resource not available any more by disturbing its normal work. This can be done by several ways: using vulnerability in victim’s program supply and sending very big amount of special prepared floods.

DoS/DDoS attacks are rather dangerous to serious commercial sites, as they can totally stop its work, but for usual user they do not have any menace. The main danger for us is that we will not be able to access one or another web site, which was attacked. With help of these attacks were attacked many grand companies among them we can find such companies as Yahoo,, and others.

Therefore, we can see that real danger for us, usual consumers, DoS/DDoS attacks do not have, though attacks are implemented with users’ help. How can it be? The system is actually simple: some programs in different ways penetrates into our computers, of course it is done specially by hackers and after some time there will be given a command from the central client all infected computers will try to access the object which was chosen as the target of DoS/DDoS attacks. As the result, the object can be inaccessible for some time, what can bring very big financial losses.

All in all, those programs with which help being realized DoS/DDoS attacks don’t substantially affect our computers, so we should not be scared of those attacks.

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