eBay sells spyware

eBay, the most visited commercial site in the UK, apart from legitimate items, such as fluffy bears and the like, has now been reported to be selling hacking kits for anyone who would like to spy on someone’s computer and obtain personal details. The kits are sold together with a manual on how and where to use them. You can buy them for as little as £10.

„There are regular sellers purchasing hacking kits that include spyware and tell you how and where to use them,” Mike Greene, the vice-president of product strategy at PC Tools, said.

Most people tend to blame China or Russia for having spyware and the like sold online, but this recent development shows that they are not the only ones to blame.

An eBay spokesman said that the sales were being monitored so as not to allow anything illegal to be sold. He also said that even with 100 million sales at any time, eBay manages to keep illegal products away, a statement which is clearly false, as practice tells us.

  1. new aution bid says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Great ideas.

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