Eircom modems vulnerable to exploits

Certain modems, used by Eircom customers, are vulnerable to Wired Equicalent Privacy (WEP) software exploits. These exploits may allow outsiders to access private wireless connections by geting past the default setting of the WEP. The flaw exists in the WEP key used for Netopia 2247 and 3300 routers.

“The security issue involves a possible vulnerability with the standard configuration or default setting of the Wired – Equivalent Privacy (WEP) software,” said a spokesman for Eircom.

According to James Galvin of jamesgalvin.com, the problem with the WEP key is that it is based on the serial number of the router.

Eircom has confirmed this issue and has begun contacting their customers to inform them of the problem. They have also contacted Netopia, who is responsible for producing the flawed devices.

Eircom has announced, that precautions against this problem will include an updated booklet, with information on wireless security. Also, all new wireless modems will be given to customers together with instructions on how to make security more efficient. This can be done by changing the WEP, or replacing it with Wi-Fi protected access (WPA).

In order to change their WEP immediately, customers can contact broadbandsupport.eircom.net, where they will be provided with necessary information.

Access to restricted wireless networks is a crime under the Criminal Justice Act 2001 as well as the Criminal Damage Act of 1991.

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