EULAscan ?€“ for those who hate reading deadly boring license agreements

The Importance of EULA, an article shedding light on questionable end user license agreements was recently published on It explains the real meaning and importance of EULA and provides interesting excerpts from the licenses of popular legitimate software, rogue spyware removers and infamous adware parasites. It also encourages users to always carefully read each license from beginning to end, even if an agreement is very lengthy and belongs to a tiny harmless-looking program. However, not nearly all users have enough time and patience to read impossibly boring 100 page licenses. Also, not everyone relies on special tools like EULAlyzer. But now the majority of users can finally ease up: EULAscan, a brand new Internet site was launched recently. This free resource sharply differs from special programs, as it not only marks questionable fragments of software licenses, but also provides regular user comments that are easily comprehensible even for those, who are unfamiliar with an official format of juristic documents that most EULAs actually are. From the about page:

Have you found something suspicious in a EULA, and want to let others know about it? Add your comments to the site.

Are you about to install a new program, and want to see if that 100 page EULA has something in it that you should be aware of? Search on the product’s name, and read what other people have said.

Why do people agree to EULAs without reading them? The two main concerns are comprehension and time. EULAscan hopes to combat that by letting the community work as a whole. Now, one comment can both explain what all that legalese means, and, save others the effort of reading through pages of text.

It must be noted that EULAscan is newborn service, so currently it does not provide explanation of license agreements related to all popular products. However, each user is free to add a program he or she is interesting in, wait for visitor comments or help other users to learn more about certain software. If the site’s authors will succeed in attracting user attention to their project, visiting EULAscan may become one of the most important steps that need to be taken in order to choose and install really safe and spyware-free software.

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