Exploit lets people to access home security cameras

‘Watch out!’ says The Verge. According to the story published on this website, some models of Trendnet home security cameras have a security vulnerability helping for attackers to bypass password authentication and reach thousands of personal IP cameras. For that, they have simply been using a special code revealed after some closer looks at Trendnet firmware or by simply searching on the web for the pages that collect open devices.

Though people purchase such cameras believing that they will help them to protect their home or workplace, it seems that they can also become victims of privacy invasion through this way. Various screenshots with nudity and other personal content have been noticed spreading around through the message boards, such as Reddit forum and 4chan. These posts show how people have fun with embedded devices and unnoticeably watch bar and grill in Virginia, living rooms in Korea and Hong Kong, offices in Moscow or a man watching the football game in a Giants jersey. That’s quite scary, right?

After a closer look at this leak it can be said that it doesn’t collect important data, such as credit card numbers. However, online privacy becomes a real challenge these days and we should start rising a question ‘how companies use our personal data’. This leak reveals a mistake that left company’s customers in the horrible position, so it should initiate concerns over this unethical activity against individuals.

Source: theverge.com

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