Facebook judged for its privacy controls

An independent, nonprofit, US product-testing organization called Consumer Reports released a report, that estimated 13 million US Facebook users don’t use or don’t even know about this social network’s privacy controls. Although, the product-testing organization tells that Facebook users do make some really bad decisions about their privacy, but Facebook does not make it any easier.

The fact is that facebook doesn’t take care of privacy as it should do. Some users might even be surprised that facebook gets reports every time a user opens a site with a “Like” button, and it doesn’t matter if they press it, or even if they have a facebook account. That only shows how much personal data can be gathered without any knowledge of user.

This privacy situation is bad. CR (Consumer Reports) made another report, where they gathered info during the past 12 months about what american users did in Facebook. Here’s data and rates:

  • 39.3 million identified a family member in a profile
  • 20.4 million included their birth date and year in their profile
  • 7.7 million “liked” a Facebook page pertaining to a religious affiliation
  • 4.6 million discussed their love life on their wall
  • 2.6 million discussed their recreational use of alcohol on their wall
  • 2.3 million “liked” a page regarding sexual orientation

This report shows that some people share way too much of personal information in the net. Almost 4.8 million people potentially showed burglars where and when they will be, while almost 4.7 million users “Liked” some health conditions, which insurance companies might use against them.

Even if you share your information only with friends, if your friend is using Facebook Apps, your data might be taken to a third party without any notice. And that’s not all.

CR report shows that there are privacy-related problems rising – almost 11% of households who use facebook have reported that they had various troubles, like a login without permission or some threat from external person.

However, Facebook claims that it takes privacy concerns seriously – they check privacy access tens of billions of times every day, and they want to implement some greater access records for users to see their facebook activity. Although, that’s not enough.

Additionally, the laws in US do let the federals see and control as much of the information as social networks collect. Two main things Facebook needs to take concern about are better protection and password security lapse increase. Facebook users should follow these tips:

  • Think about what are you sharing
  • Check your facebook page regularly on how it looks to users
  • Don’t share personal information
  • Understand which parts cannot be protected
  • Show your wall posts only to friends
  • Disable “Tag Suggest”
  • Block Apps that are snooping info.
  • Don’t share everything with every friend on facebook. You can choose specific filters.
  • If you need to protect your data for a while, disable your acc.

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