Facebook stalker apps must be avoided

Facebook stalker apps have lured many users and made them purely believe that they can easily see who’s been looking at their profiles and ‘stalking’ them. However, though it sounds incredibly tempting to see those people who are constantly checking your profile, in reality it’s simply impossible. Facebook stalker apps should be considered as phishing scams that may lead to malware and cause annoying redirections.

As you must have already heard, not all Facebook apps are created to do good things and stalker apps belong to this category. According to social network’s representatives, it impossible for the app to track profiles and see statistics how often one or other content has been moderated. So, what do these apps do in reality? In reality, they either try to gain the access to victim’s profile information and hijack it or simply show the ‘stalkers’ for the user. However, those people who are said to be stalking you are the users who are the most active on victim’s Facebook account and have simply pushed the biggest number of ‘Like’ buttons.

As you can see, there is no point in believing Facebook stalker apps because they have nothing serious to show. Even when they claim that they include ‘unfriend tracker’, they are not worth your attention. Moreover, they may infect your computer with dangerous malware and initiate annoying redirections. If you have been tricked by such application, you are highly recommended to report it for Facebook to ? stop such scams’ distribution.

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