Fake Instagram program hits Russian Android phones

Instagram is a popular free photo sharing application for iOS. Recently Instagram creators shared it on website and added it to Android Google Play market for download. However, cybercriminals used it to spread a malicious and rogue version of Instagram for Russian Android users, which is offered in a website that fakes the real one.

Another app that was used with the same approach is a fake and malicious version of Angry Birds Space that has been spread into the net. When someone tries to run one of these two malicious apps, it prompts users to approve sending an SMS to a premium rate number to “activate” the app. After that it connects to other sites and probably downloads other malware to the device.

It’s always safer to download apps from Google Play than from other third party sites, even though some rogue applications does get their way there. But there’s another way – users are advised to download apps from the app developers website. Although, you should always check the URL of the page before you start downloading programs.

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