Fake Lufthansa emails are used by scammers to spread spyware!

If you are planning to travel using Lufthansa’s services, you should be especially careful because you may fall for a serious trickery, which is used by scammers to spread malware. According to the latest news, people were attacked by genuine-looking emails that were supposedly sent by Lufthansa Security Center. These emails were filled with a lengthy message, which invited victims to download an electronic ticket and make an online check-in for their flight. Of course, instead of downloading what it was promised, people were tricked into downloading a trojan horse, which is identified as Trojan.Agent.BASC.

If you installed such attachment recently, we highly recommended scanning the system with updated anti-spyware. Otherwise, you can lose your personally identifiable information. According to experts, as soon as Trojan.Agent.BASC reaches the system, it deploys spyware, which starts tracking the victim and records such details, as login information, banking data, and similar. Besides, it has also been reported that this virus has ability to update and remove itself from the system, or download other viruses without being noticed.

Clearly, by using the names of such reputable companies as Lufthansa, Paypal, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC Holdings, and Barclays Bank, scammers seek to increase the amount of affected PC users. In order to prevent such viruses, we have to repeat: never open e-mail attachments from unknown senders, check the address of the company on the Internet and make sure that you received mail from the same address. Finally, always make sure that you are using updated anti-spyware that could help you to avoid such viruses as Trojan.Agent.BASC.

Source: hotforsecurity.com

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