Fake Social Empires page helps hackers to trick over 135,000 Facebook users

Social Empires is one of the most popular strategy games on Facebook. However, it seems that some of those who like to play it are so affected that they can do anything for trying increase their resources, that seem to be one of the most important things in this game. If you were also tricked into hitting the ‘like’ button for increasing your food, gold, wood, stone and other reserves in Social Empires, there is a huge chance that you were scammed as well. Please, change your Facebook loggins ASAP and also check your computer with updated antispyware.

According to HOTforSecurity blog, scammers managed to steal personal information from more than 135,000 Facebook users with a help of the fake Social Empires page. Here, they were asking to click ‘Like’ button and share this page with friends. In exchange, they were promising to help people increase their food, gold, wood, stone and cash reserves. However, instead of doing as they promised, they were redirecting victims to insecure website, which had nothing to do with the Social Empires.

In fact, it seems that different users were redirected to different sites: some victims report about being redirected to survey sites, others claim that they were offered to download something (malware most likely) on their computers. The most surprising thing about this scam is that some people were ‘welcomed’ by the Bitdefender’s scan window, which clearly looked out of date. Of course, it reported about viruses and offered downloading ‘licensed’ software.

It is guessed that fraudsters managed to collect huge numbers of information about unaware PC users. If you were tricked into clicking this ‘like’ button, you should immediately change your Facebook loggins. If you use the same password on Twitter, Skype and other networks, don’t forget to change these loggins as well. And finally, scan the system with updated anti-spyware to make sure that your PC is free of malware, which could steal more personal information from your computer.

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