FBI has finally stopped Gozi banking virus

Security experts have been talking for a long time about fast-growing numbers of financial threats. They have been reporting about various viruses that have ability to attack not only separate PC users but business institutions and even governmental organizations, such as NASA, National banks and similar. However, one of such extremely dangerous threats, called Gozi virus, is finally stopped. Representatives of FBI believe that this virus has infected 40,000 computers in the United States and has managed to steal about 50 million of dollars. Besides, it has also been noticed in Germany, Great Britain, Poland, France, Finland, Italy, Turkey and elsewhere.

According to the head of the New York FBI office, Gozi virus was firstly noticed in 2007. However, they believe that it was designed in 2005 for stealing banking details and other sensitive credentials. Since then, it has been under FBI’s magnifying glass what finally resulted in the arrest of three cyber criminals. One of them is Nikita Kuzmin, he has already admitted that he has created the virus. Others two are Latvian and Romanian programmers who have been working on upgrading the threat.

FBI has also arrested 51 computer servers, laptops, desktops and external hard drives in Romania and other countries out of the border of Uniter States. Such huge number of computer-related evidence will need months or years to be analyzed.

Source: PCmag.com

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