FBI reports about modified Trojan ZeuS version

According to FBI, computer crooks have begun launching new type of cyber attacks that use a modified version of Trojan ZeuS. Named as “Gameover’, it helps for scammers to steal victim’s personal information and use it for illegal purposes, such as accessing his PC and network and making unnoticeable money transfers. Security experts report that thefts have started just after the spam campaigns that have been illegally using National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) name. Pretending to be sent by not-for-profit organization, these letters have been doing the only thing – spreading malware.

FBI reports that after their investigation it was found out that in the latest ZeuS attack cases perpetrators in the United States have been using money mules. The scheme of this crime is very simple: in the beginning scammers make the jewelry or other high-end thing order and then transfer the money for it from victim organization’s account. In addition, this payment is reversed or cancelled as soon as a money mule arrives to pick up the goods. Scammers have also been noticed initiating network attacks, so that they could leave employees at the organization without Internet connection.

In order to protect organization, its data and money, security experts recommend using a dedicated computer for your online banking operations. Thieves can be easily predetermined to continue such malicious campaigns like this one, so you should also install reliable anti-spyware and anti-virus programs on your computer.

Source: krebsonsecurity.com

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