FCC creates free security tool for small businesses

Small businesses should be pleased after hearing that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is going to release a free online tool which will help them to fight against unexpected cyber threat attacks. This tool, named The “Small Biz Cyber Planner” and created together with representatives of government and private security firms, is going to show up in the next month. It has been created after taking into account that small businesses don’t have many resources to hire cyber security experts.

According to FCC Chairman, they have been encouraged to release this tool by the latest studies results got from Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance. It has been announced that almost 50 percent of small businesses don’t bother to think about their security strategy and don’t think about protection of their personal information. Thinking that one computer can’t be interesting for hackers, they fail to have anti-spam, endpoint protection or desktop backup recovery solutions.

It becomes clear that small businesses are particularly vulnerable if we compare with large companies increasing their budgets for protecting their data against cybercriminals. We hope that FCC will change this situation and will solve most of security challenges in small business.

Source: scmagazineus.com

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