What is How_to_decrypt_files.html? Should I remove it?

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Why seeing How_to_decrypt_files.html files on your computer is a bad sign?

How_to_decrypt_files.html document is a malicious file which is automatically created on your computer when a ransomware virus infects the system. Ransomware viruses are usually very aggressive. They infiltrate the system stealthily and encrypt the containing files using a very complex, military-grade algorithm. After the encryption of documents, archives, pictures and other data is accomplished, the virus then drops the How_to_decrypt_files.html file on every infected folder of the computer. Unfortunately, by the time you see this file, there is not much that can be done to eliminate the malicious consequences. Your files will become permanently inaccessible. Of course, in the document itself, the creators of this fraudulent software will offer you a tempting-sounding solution. They will encourage you to purchase a private data decryption key with a help of which you will be able to decrypt your files easily. The actual content of How_to_decrypt_files.html ransom notes are similar to the one presented below:

Attention!!! You broke the law!! All your files are encrypted!!
To restore your files visit http://plc.licter.com if the site is not working please write to email stoppiracy@email.su.

You have 5 attempts to enter the code. Above this limit, all the data irreversibly deteriorate.

As you can see, the hackers may use social engineering techniques and even straightforward threats to extort money from the users. However, you should keep in mind that most of the time, even after paying the ransom you may not get the promised decryption key or deceive some non-functional one instead. Therefore, it is not advisable to make any transactions to the accounts of the cyber criminals and rather remove How_to_decrypt_files.html and the virus with which it came with from your computer.

How can this file end up on your computer?

Locky, zCrypt, CryptXXX or Mahasaraswati are just a few known programs to use How_to_decrypt_files.html document to introduce the user with the file recovery conditions. Ransomware viruses usually spread through spam emails, so you may notice the How_to_decrypt_files.html file appear on your computer after you download some email attachment. However, it is not uncommon to have your system attacked after interacting with suspicious software updates, pop-up ads or downloading illegal programs from the Internet. Once a malicious document or executable file enters the computer and is opened, the virus activates itself and starts encrypting your data. Therefore, it is recommended to take care of your computer’s security by obtaining a reliable antivirus system and apply a more security-oriented approach to your Internet browsing.

How can you remove How_to_decrypt_files.html from your computer?

If you simply remove How_to_decrypt_files.html from your computer, it will not solve the virus problem. Depending on the scale of the ransomware that has taken hold of your computer, you should use respective techniques to remove it. Generally, using a reputable antivirus, such as Reimage should be able to eliminate the virus successfully; however, some infections may be harsher, so you will need to use the particular instructions to terminate some of the virus processes. These instructions are added to every virus description on your site. You simply need to use the search box, type in the name of the ransomware and go to the page 2 to find the detailed guide.

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dangerous file
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