First trojan spy for mobiles

Millions of computers around the world are infected with spyware. Various trojans and keyloggers are installed on a larger part of them. Malicious parasites help hackers stealing user confidential information and violating their privacy. Nowadays, you cannot feel protected. Even if there are no viruses in your system, there can always be a hidden computer surveillance program installed by your spouse, your employer or malicious attacker. However, some people (Vervata, the entire company) think that our life is not so complicated yet. So, they decided to make the first trojan spy for mobiles, which works just as those “legitimate” keyloggers and screenshot capturing tools.

FlexiSPY Light, that’s how a new commercial program is called, can be installed to most Symbian-based mobile phones. Once installed, it immediately starts monitoring user activity. FlexiSPY logs phone calls, records all text messages and tracks mobile Internet activity. It transfers gathered data to Vervata’s servers, so logs can be accessed online.

Some people think that there is nothing wrong with FlexiSPY. So do its makers. The program does not spread by itself, does not pretend to be something it is not, and can be uninstalled. However, major antivirus software vendors do not agree – F-Secure, Symantec and Trend Micro classify FlexiSPY as a threat. The reason is obvious. First of all, the application does not provide any details about itself during the installation process. Secondly, once installed, it immediately hides itself from the user. And last, but not least. FlexiSPY’s both interface and uninstaller cannot be accessed without a certain code, which only the person, who installed the program, knows. It must also be noted that the spy manages to hide its running processes and lock its files.

One last thing. Since the information that FlexiSPY gathers from mobile phones is stored on Vervata’s servers, security experts wonder, what will happen if someone will break into the servers and get the information?

P.S. Vervata is working on FlexiSPY Pro, which will be able to record actual phone calls, not only their duration and related phone numbers. It will also log multimedia messages and capture e-mail messages. Furthermore, it will provide remote monitoring functions.

It sounds that a legitimate mobile spy may begin a new era of spyware.

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