Flashback is back with new infiltration techniques

Security experts warn about new installation methods Mac malware called Flashback has been found to be using at the moment. For getting on the target systems, this version of Flashback uses two sneaky methods: it actively works on exploiting security vulnerabilities or deploys a Java Applet for that. This Java Applet is designed to look like a legitimate Java version that has been already certified by Apple.

The first method used by Flashback threat doesn’t even require any user’s intervention – malware is capable to install itself directly when system is running an outdated version of Java for Mac OS X. Otherwise, user needs to give a permission for a program that will clearly be reported as dangerous. The alert that is displayed to make user install malware asks: ‘Do you want content signed by “Apple Inc.” to have access to your computer?’ Note that Java has been updated by Apple in November, 2011, so check your machine for the possible Java updates.

If you haven’t heard about this Mac malware, you should know that it is always presented as a Flash installer. After getting inside, it works on stealing user names and passwords that are entered by victim. As it has been reported by Intego, this malware avoids those systems that have anti-virus programs running inside, so make sure you have one on your computer. The biggest part of all the infection cases have been found on systems running Mac OS X 10.6.

Source: blog.intego.com

Update(1): Flashback infection amounts are decreasing every day. If you’re still looking on how to remove Flashback from your Mac, there’s some guides:

Flashback isn’t the first infection in the world of Mac, but, it’s the first true professional backdoor type infection which is similar to the ones infecting Windows world. Internet users might feel quite away from this possible infection. However, it’s the antivirus industry, who was alarmed to sell antivirus software.

Update(2): An official update was released by Apple, which cleans the Flashback trojan just by updating your PC. For those who are still unsure about their Mac security, there’s a Github Flashback checker;? however, if you updated the newest software updates from Mac – you’re safe from Flashback for now.

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