Free security product vets Twitter links

Security software, called SecureTwitter, is the latest browser add-on released by Finjan. Because Twitter became more and more popular by computer hackers, this product was created to scan links and warn if they follow a rogue page.

The SecureTwitter contains plug-ins for both the Firefox and Internet Explorer and the purpose of this software is to warn users about rogue links posted by other users on this exchange service. It is extremely useful for all Twitter users because of the 140-character limit, which is established at this website. All the posted URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are shortened using services or TinyURL and because of these services users are not certain about the website they will be sent to and the possibility of infecting the PC with malware increases.

It must be added that since many respectful sites have been hacked, it’s quite impossible to tell if a website is rogue or not independently of the URL length. The way hackers successfully distribute their malware is the legitimate hosts where they place their content. It is connected to the high traffic those sites generate.

The program SecureBrowsing is created to show a green check if the website is indicated not to be rogue or a red “X” if it’s not clear. Users can also be shown a question mark because of SecureBrowser inability to scan the site. In a couple of seconds when Twitter is entered SecureTwitter reports all the information about the scanned URL and for Twitters customers it’s for free.
SecureBrowsing is also met in other websites and social networking sites, such as Bebo, Digg, Slashdot, MySpace, Gmail and for Google and Yahoo searches.

There is a couple products similar to SecureBrowsing program: a free product called LinkScanner is produced by AVG, SiteAdvisor is owned by McAfee. Both programs are supposed to give information about the safety of the websites but neither LinkScanner nor SiteAdvisor scan Twitter links.

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