FTC busts vendor of EliteBar and SpywareBomber

The Federal Trade Commission has yesterday announced an official complaint against Enternet Media ordering to halt the latter’s illegal activity. A complaint names few other defendants responsible for similar illegal activity like spyware and adware distribution.

Enternet Media is an infamous advertising company, which develops parasitical software including the widely spread EliteBar trojan and corrupt anti-spyware program called SpywareBomber. FTC accuses it as well as other defendants in the illegal unsolicited download and installation of malicious software to user computers without explicit user consent and knowledge. The document says that defendants were distributing spyware and adware parasites through pop-up advertisements, certain blogs and web sites offering free music files, images, wallpapers, song lyrics, cell phone ring tones, fake web browser upgrades and security patches. Unsolicited software was bundled with downloaded files. It silently installed itself to the system without asking for user permission. As turned out, Enternet Media victims never received software and services that they were promised.

Parasites mentioned in a complaint are EliteBar and its numerous variants and derivatives like SearchMiracle. These threats are known to track user Internet activity, change the web browser’s default page settings, install additional toolbars, insert advertising windows, serve commercial advertisements, open annoying pop-ups, redirect the web browser to undesirable Internet sites, etc. FTC also noticed that Enternet Media software attempts to complicate its removal.

A user at Spyware Warriror’s forum wrote last week about a raid on Enternet Media office, which apparently has led to the FTC’s complaint.

We hope that this case will finally put a period to nearly endless EliteBar infections and complaints from users deceived into purchasing SpywareBomber.

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